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SIMUGRO AQUAPONICS - Combination of Hydroponics and aquarium

It Is The Integration Of Aquaculture – Farming Aquatic Species In A Controlled Environment & Hydroponics – Growing Plants In Soil-less Media. Both Plants And Fishes Grow In A Balanced Ecosystem.  Aquaponics Reuses The Waste Water From Aquaculture As A Natural Source Of Fertilizer For The Hydroponic Plant System in a Continues Recirculating System.

All Of The Aquaponic Operation Can Be Automated By SimuGro: A Universal Smart Farming Framework Providing Seamless Integration

  • Spectrum Adjustable Grow Lights
  • Air Sensors, CO2 Valve Air Conditioning Control
  • Water Parameters / Level / Flow Sensors / Paddle Wheels / Ozonizer / Pump Control
  • AI Camera Feeding, Efficiency, Risk Situation Monitoring
  • Solar Panel Monitoring, Safety & Power Management
  • Fish Feeder, Dosing Pump

Why SimuGro?

SimuGro Is A Fully Automated Wireless And Modular AIoT AgriTech System Providing Control And Monitoring Of Adjustable Spectrum LED Grow Lights, Water And Air Parameter Sensors, With Ozone As An Efficient Method To Improve Water Quality And Therefore Raise Yields In Your Growing Environment.

Control Of Dosing Pumps, Heaters, Chillers, Lighting Etc. Is Achieved Autonomously, With Optimization Using Two Levels Of NVDI Data Processing Provided By AI Algorithms In The Local Modules And Additional Enhanced AI Cloud Based Services. These Features Provide A Feature Rich Scalable And Significantly More Robust System Architecture.

SimuGro Has Been Designed To Economically Simulate The Very Best Grow Out Environments, Providing Specific Adjustments For Pre-Set And User Defined Crop Types. SimuGro Does This By Providing Highly Efficient Optimized Light Spectrums And Intensities Adjusted To The Vegetative Growth Stage, While Collecting Air And Water Parameters, Together With NVDI Data To Facilitate Optimization Of Water Chemistry In Terms Of PH, Nutrients, Temperature And ORP Levels. Additionally By Controlling The ORP Level Using Ozone, SimuGro Is Able To Lower Bacteria, Algae And Mould Spore Levels, Protecting And Enhancing Crop Growth By Raising Dissolved Oxygen While Neutralizing Ammonia And Nitrite To Promote Faster Nutrient Uptake.

Trend Plots And Server Storage Of Your Data Is Provided Allowing Comparison Of Grow Out Times And System Parameters On A Day To Day, Monthly And Yearly Basis.

LET SIMUGRO Take the strain!

IOT system
artificial intelligent
Cloud storage
Big Data
BLE5 sponge range
Secure System
Scalable system
Adjustable light angle
Adjustable spectrum
Optimal settings
Raises ORP Oxygen
Water saving solution
Clearer water
Reduces Amonia
Suppresses mold

SimuGro - Scalable smart farming system

  • SimuLed automatic or user configurable grow lights continuously optimized  to medicinal or vegetable growth Stage.

  • SimuCon Internet Gateway, wireless connectivity and automatic light controller.

  • SimuCare Optimized water quality monitoring and Control (Temp, PH, EC, ORP).

  • SimuLink Wireless communication between one or more SimuCare units and a SimuCon Gateway.

  • SimuDose to balance PH and fertilizer levels to the requirements of your crop / fish.

  • Actively prevents water quality issues, raising oxygen levels, removing Ammonia and Nitrite while preventing infections from mold and bacteria.

  • Control of Temperature, PH, Fertilizer and water Oxygen levels.

  • One touch setup for a range of standard crops. All parameters individually configurable

  • Inbuilt web server accessible from any web browser, No APP or OS updates that fail.

  • Trend plots and real time data.

SimuGro Provides A Total Solution For All Your Controlled Environment Growing Needs. Fully Integrating All Essential Agricultural Elements of Air, Water, and Lighting, While Managing Fish feed, Plant Nutrients, Energy, And AI Imagery. SimuGro Does This Using Wireless Decentralized Modules To Create Customizable Structures For All Water-Based Aquaculture And Greenhouses.






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In the face of mounting water scarcity and environmental concerns, the adoption of smart irrigation systems represents a significant step towards achieving water efficiency and sustainability. By integrating cutting-edge technology.

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