Sustainable Resources: We work to save the resources For our lives


We established providing  environmental technologies at Muscat, Oman in January 2015. We would like to introduce ourselves briefly

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 Johkasou is a packaged STP  fro Japan and treats domestic wastewater, such as black water and gray water. Its effluent can be used for irrigation and more

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Odor & mold control  by Japanese solutions.  Various air pollutions are now deodorized and sanitized

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By adding energy to oxygen molecules, many oxygen atoms to separate and recombine with other O2 molecules creating ozone

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Landscape watering can be controlled by mobile phone now. Water consumption can be greatly reduced by water saving nozzles

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 Combination of hydroponics and aquaculture are uniquely managed by ozonation

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Let's aware of possibilities with sustainable resources

With the concept of Ecology, we will not only provide systems, but will also plan to develop human skills in environmental technologies.

We would like to contribute to the nation through the further development of the country's economy by educating its logically and practically

We consult sincerely and work specifically for you