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JOHKASOU: Japan’s Advanced
Onsite Wastewater Treatment

To meet the water treatment needs in the Middle East, 4ELEMENTS has committed itself to offering optimal water treatment solutions by utilizing all the technologies, and expertise available. 4ELEMENTS now unveils a package incorporating Japan’s advanced water treatment engineering expertise which has been refined through many years of experience in building water treatment plants. Customers, who are dedicated to building environmentally friendly communities and lifestyles for befitting the 21st century, choose Johkasou.

Johkasou Is A Sophisticated Treatment System That Uses Anaerobic, Aerobic, Sedimentation And Disinfectant Processes To Render Blackwater (That Bears Human Excreta) And/Or Greywater (From Kitchens, Showers, And Sinks) Relatively Harmless And Clean. Johkasou System Was Developed Rapidly In Japan During 1960s In Order To Meet The High Demand For Water Purification of Domestic Wastewater.


JOHKASOU Water Reuse


4ELEMENTS proudly introduces Kubota Johkasou System In Order to Sustainably Deliver Safe Water To People All Over The Middle East With Water Environment Solutions Honed In Japan.   Through Johkasou, Which Can Be Installed Efficiently In A Short Period Of Time, Domestic Wastewater Is Treated And Clean Water is Returned To The Community Reuse.  This Results, By Using This Reclaimed Water, Each Household Can Reduce Its Water Consumption Sufficiently and Make Effective Use Of The Water Without Reducing The Volume Of Water Retained In The Community.

To Achieve Such Sustainability. 4ELEMENTS Provides Long-Term Support Through Maintenance And Inspections of Your Kubota Johkasou. 



Developing Businesses to Benefit Society Since our Founding

From our start in 1890 to this day, Kubota has introduced a wide range of products in the areas of food, water, and the environment.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted at a UN summit in 2015, established 17 goals for a better world by 2030. Kubota’s corporate principles are supporting the prosperous life of humans while protecting the environment of this beautiful Earth. We believe that our vision for the future is in line with the objectives of the SDGs. The Kubota Group will strive to achieve the SDGs alongside the rest of the world, while contributing to solutions for social issues to enable the sustainable development of communities and companies.

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Johkasou - Japan’s Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

Kubota Offers Plant Package Incorporating Its Advanced Water Treatment Engineering Expertise. Treatment Solutions Are Available In Locations And In Sizes You Require.  Combination Of Wastewater Treatment Plants Are Introduced To Serve Your Needs.



Residential / commercial


Residential / commercial


High Pollutant / Industiral


Domestic / Commercial

AIR - Spatial Purification

To Ensure That Everyone On The Earth Can Breathe Clean Air To The Fullest Without The Need For Any Mask Use, 4ELEMENTS Offers A Variety Of Solutions That Address Dust, Oil, Mold, Bacteria, And Even Odors In The Air With The Latest Environmental Technologies, Such As Ozonation And Bipolar Ionization.

We Offer Not Only Solutions, But Also Odor Sensing Equipment That Provides Objective, Numerical Instruments That Show You How Bad The Air Smells.

As The Air Expert, We Can Consult Your Air Purification Problems of Any Types And Provide The Effective Countermeasures.

Now, You Can Take A Deep Breath. 


AIR PURIFICATION - Ozonation & Oxygen Ion Cluster

Spatial Sanitations Can Be Performed Electrically By Two Type Of Different Methods Of Generations: Ozone By SimuGro And Negative & Positive Oxygen Ions by Kalmor. These Sterilization Methods Are Approved Internationally And You Can Observe Yourself The Effectiveness Instantly.  Product Demos Are Available.    



Ozonation Application Below 5m3


Virus/Odor Eliminator

Sterilizer 3000

Odor remediation


Odor Sensor

IRRIGATION - Water Control, Nozzle Efficiency

K-Rain persists in leading the industry globally with new developments in rotor and nozzle engineering. The intelligent flow technology is the
only rotor of its type to significantly reduce water waste by regulating flow and distance proportionately and simultaneously.


Range: 3m-23m


Spray, Rotary

Solenoid Valve

1"~ 2"


4 ~ 12 Zones

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In the face of mounting water scarcity and environmental concerns, the adoption of smart irrigation systems represents a significant step towards achieving water efficiency and sustainability. By integrating cutting-edge technology.

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