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AIR PURIFICATION - Odor, Mold and Virus Eliminator

Discover The Convenience And Effectiveness Of Two Air Purification Methods That have Intuitive Operation And Low Maintenance Design. With User-Friendly Controls And Hassle-Free Maintenance. Experience The Difference With These Purifications, Designed To Combat Indoor Pollutants And Create A Healthier Living Space. Our Advanced Pollutant Eliminating System Targets Common Indoor Contaminants, Including Dust, Allergens, And Odors, Ensuring A More Comfortable And Refreshing Environment.

Ozonation Method

Discovered In 1840, Ozone Is More Effective And Environmentally Friendly Than Alternative Chemical Cleaning Agents, Especially When Compared With Chlorine. Since 2000, USDA And FDA Have Approved Ozone For Processing Food Suitable For Human Consumption. When Used Correctly Ozone Provides A Proven, Safe And Effective Method To Remove Odors, Inhibit And Stop The Spread Of Mold, While Also Being Extremely Effective At Killing Bacteria And Virus.

Oxygen Ion Cluster Method

Oxygen ion cluster removes atmospheric invisible odor and viruses and makes the clean, comfortable air situation. An oxygen ion cluster is a aggregation which attracted 10~60 oxygen molecule ions. In normally, a lot of oxygen  ion cluster made in natural world when sunbeam hits the air. The Oxygen Ion Cluster Method electrifies atmospheric oxygen molecules with an electric discharge element and creates a large quantity of oxygen cluster ions artificially from slight electricity.



Compact And Efficient, The Range Of SimuGro Ozone Generator Has Been Designed In Order To Answer 90% Of The Requirements Of Gaseous Applications From Hotel Rooms And Car Applications To Industrial Processes Such As Recycling Plants And Food Factories But Also Water Applications Such As Swimming Pools, Aquaculture And So On.

MAIN Applications

TOPZONE Ozone Generator Is Used In Many Different Industries For Various Applications. Below Is A Non-Exhaustive List Of Applications In Which TOPZONE Is Currently Involved.

  • Waste Treatment
  • Odor Removal
  • Water Maintenance
  • Microbiological Decontamination
  • Mold Remediation
  • Drinking Water And Purification

STERILIZER 3000 Ozone Generator Is Designed To Be Portable For Removing Bad Odors,  Killing The Effect of Allergens, And Addressing Mold Problems.  It can be used at:

  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Rental Cars, Boats, Caravans
  • Rooms With Pollen, Mod, Dust Mites
  • Cellars, Libraries, Clothes Storages
  • Carpets Where Molds Like To Grow


DEODORIZATION: A Huge Oxygen Cluster Ion Wraps Small Smell Molecules. Most Of The Odor Ingredients Which Can Feel With Human Nose Are Very Small Molecules, And Molecular Weight Is Between 17 to 300. The Oxygen Cluster Ion Has About 1000~2000 Molecules Weight, That Oxygen Cluster Ion Can Wraps Odor Ingredients Easily And Breaks Them By Ion Resolution Reaction.

BACTERIA ELIMINATION: Interrupting Nitrogen Supply Which Is Necessary For The Growth Of Bacteria And The Virus. The Oxygen Cluster Ion Shows A High Sanitization Effect For Bacteria And A Virus Floating In The Air. The Oxygen Cluster Ion Wraps Bacteria And Viruses And Interrupt Nitrogen Supply. If There Is No Nitrogen, They Can’t Grow And Die.

MAIN Applications


  • Garbage dumpster areas
  • Elevator
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Conference Rooms
  • Animal Laboratories
  • Public Restrooms
  • Commercial Complexes


The Ion Balance Control Technology That Attacks Both “Adherent” and “Floating” Bacteria Without Any Leakage Exceeds The Limits Of Filter-Type Air Purifiers And UV Sterilizers. Achieves 99.6% Removal of Adherent Viruses And 99.96% Removal of Airborne Bacteria.

  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Diaper Rooms
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Hotel Rooms & Lobbies
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Ball & Conference Rooms
  • Locker Rooms
  • Airport/Train Station waiting Rooms

ODOR Sensor

You Can Visualize Any Odor. The Oxygen In The Air Absorbs The Electrons On The Sensor Surface When It Is Heated At High Temperature. It Becomes A Resistance Of Electrical Flow In The Sensor Element. If An Odor Component With A Reducing Potential Comes To The Sensor Under This Condition, The Electrons In The Sensor Can Move Freely And The Electricity Can Flow Highly. This Product Reads This Voltage Difference And Displays The Odor Intensity As The Measured Value Calculated By The Original Formulation.

  • Data Collections On SD Card
  • Simple Thermo/Hygrometer
  • Scale Changeability For Weak Odor
  • Graphic Display
  • Peak-Hold Function
  • Zero Point Calibration

MAIN Applications

  • Air Quality Control
  • Environment Measurement
  • Deodorization Effect Confirmation
  • Environment Odor Test
  • Industrial Odor Test

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