Combination of hydroponics and aquarium is now managed by automatic ozonation, SimuGro


Why SimuGro?


SimuGro is a fully automated wireless and modular AIoT AgriTech system providing control and monitoring of adjustable spectrum LED grow lights, water and air parameter sensors, with Ozone as an efficient method to improve water quality and therefore raise yields in your growing environment.


Control of dosing pumps, heaters, chillers, lighting etc. is achieved autonomously, with optimization using two levels of NVDI data processing provided by AI algorithms in the local modules and additional enhanced AI cloud based services. These features provide a feature rich scalable and significantly more robust system architecture.


SimuGro has been designed to economically simulate the very best grow out environments, providing specific adjustments for pre-set and user defined crop types. SimuGro does this by providing highly efficient optimized light spectrums and intensities adjusted to the vegetative growth stage, while collecting air and water parameters, together with NVDI data to facilitate optimization of water chemistry in terms of PH, nutrients, temperature and ORP levels. Additionally by controlling the ORP level using Ozone, SimuGro is able to lower bacteria, algae and mould spore levels, protecting and enhancing crop growth by raising dissolved Oxygen while neutralizing Ammonia and Nitrite to promote faster nutrient uptake.


Trend plots and server storage of your data is provided allowing comparison of grow out times and system parameters on a day to day, monthly and yearly basis.


Scalable smart farming system for Hydroponics, Aquaponics & Aquaculture.