ATTENTION: Please follow your local regulations about use of reclaimed water; your area might have different rules from what we describe here. For detailed information, please contact Municipality at your location. Thank you.

One of the benefits of Johkasou is that it becomes the recycled water generator from your domestic wastewater. The influent to Johkasou is the mixture of your wastewater such as laundry, kitchen, toilet and bathroom. Johkasou will treat such black and gray water by various bacteria which exist in nature. The treated water from Johkasou is very safe to our Mother Nature and possible to return to river, wadi, and sea. It is also safe to return to the Earth. In many countries including GCC countries, such safe recycled water from Johkasou is acceptable for farming. The effluent from Johkasou is able to use for:

  • Farming/Irrigation
  • Watering
  • Flushing toilet
  • Firefighting